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                              Josiah Utsch & Ridgely Kelly Photo from Portland Press Herald

Special thanks to our friends the 3rd grade class at the Perkins School in San Diego. With help from their teacher Jean Winter, the kids collected change during the school year and raised $90.87 for Save the Nautilus research. Thank you! 



Josiah & Ridgely have raised more than $24,000 to fund nautilus research and have spread the word to across the US and to Canada, Spain, Australia & the Netherlands. Please join us and let's make sure that the people where you live know about this incredible creature!


 Due to the beauty of its shell, the amazing chambered nautilus is becoming endangered. According to the New York times, between 2005-2008, over a half million nautilus shells were imported to the USA alone. These ancient and amazing creatures are being driven to the brink of extinction because we like to use their shells as home decorations or jewelry. Nautilus are only found in a very small region of the world, called the Indopacific triangle, and unless we can slow their slaughter, we will lose this 500 million year old creature in less than 50 years. Please join Josiah & Ridgely in spreading the word that the nautlius is endangered and please help us to help those working to preserve this amazing creature. 


-Josiah & Ridgely would love to speak at your school or organization- get in touch with us!


Dr. Ward and Greg have already been to the Philippines, Austraila, Samoa, and Fiji to assess nautilus populations, and summer 2015, thanks in part to SAVE THE NAUTILUS, they will travel to Palau & Papua New Guinea!


-link to the New York Times article on Nautilus:here

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