Started by Josiah Utsch (11) and Ridgely Kelly (11) to help raise awarenss and funds for researching and protecting the chambered nautilus. Please 

Help Us Save The Nautilus!



                              Josiah Utsch & Ridgely Kelly Photo from Portland Press Herald


 We are so excited to tell you that the United States has submitted a proposal to protect all chambered nautiluses under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). And we are honored to say that the proposal was co-sponsored by Fiji, India, and Palau. Please help us spread the word internationally. CITES will meet in late Sept 2016 to vote on whether or not to support this proposal.  click here to read proposal


August 2015: Dr. Ward and Dr. Barord have just returned from their follow up trip to Papua New Guinea. Click HERE to read about their exciting discovery in the Monitor.


follow Dr. Barord here: The Nautilus Files


The New York Times also ran a Summer of Science feature on the nautilus click HERE to access.


and National Geographic's coverage of the same "fuzzy nautilus": HERE




Below: meet our new friend Gretchen Googe 


Special thanks to our friend Gretchen Googe for her dedication to saving the nautilus! Gretchen has been supporting Save The Nautilus for more than a year now with all sorts of creative ideas. Gretchen just celebrated her 9th  birthday with a potluck fundraiser and she & her friends donated all of the money to saving the beautiful chambered nautilus! Way to go Gretchen!!! keep inspiring us!!!

One of Gretchen's great ideas (that we love) is to petition Endangered Species Chcoloate to make a nautius bar to raise awareness. If you agree with us that its a great idea email them at:

 link to Gretchen's facebook page: HERE



Dr. Ward and Greg have already been to the Philippines, Austraila, Samoa, and Fiji to assess nautilus populations, and summer 2015, thanks in part to SAVE THE NAUTILUS, they will travel to Palau & Papua New Guinea!


-link to the New York Times article on Nautilus:here

-link to information about our scientist partners:

Dr. Peter Ward: bioHERE

articles and more info HERE


Greg Barord :

bio HERE

News Article HERE

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